what we do

We help you leverage tools such as FaceBook Ads, Google Adwords and email marketing to bring in more merchants and make more money for yourself. We create online advertisements, research target groups, analyze data and re-target leads that may have been on the hook. We see what’s converting most effectively and focus on that campaign and perfect it. As we do this over and over again, the cost per lead gets lower and lower.

The best part is these are YOUR leads that came from a website and marketing campaign we set up for you. These are not leads being sold or resold to you. The incoming leads go straight to your inbox or your phone line in real time. 

Not only do we provide cost effective ways to market, but we also make use of every dollar by recycling your leads for you and re-targeting potential customers that may have lost interest at some point during the sales/funding process. In other words, we work on getting back leads that otherwise would’ve went into the trash. 

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